Duke's Vocabulary TrainerV 3.1 beta

This free vocabulary training program is inspired by freerice.com. I first wanted to provide a German-German vocabulary for them. But they did not react to my email, so I decided to write a shameless copy of freerice. Later on I found that the concept isn't all that unique.

The basic idea is to have a multiple choice vocabulary trainer that is organized in levels. Get three vocables right to climb up one level. Make a mistake and you'll go down one level. As a result you will always train at the level that suits your abilities best.

Another important concept in this program is that the difficulty associated with a question is determined by the program, based on the answers of the trainees. This idea also stems from freerice. The implementation may be completely different, though.

The trainer has different training modes: 4-way multiple choice, a spelling mode, where you combine the answer from a given set of letters, a write mode, where yo type the answer, and three special modes to train the german articles, irregular verbs and grammar by phrase completion.

The language selection primarily focusses on helping the refugees in Germany. That is why we have languages like Arabic, Farsi and Tigrinya and not so many of the typical european selection.

Unlike freerice, this program takes a crowd-sourcing approach. That is, virtually everybody can make suggestions for new questions. After confirmation by an editor, those new questions will make their way to the appropriate level. The program is designed to support any number of languages. As long as we have an editor for that language.

So if you want to sign up as an editor and/or suggest new languages, please do so at the forums at fluechtlingshelfernetzwerk.de.


02.06.2016: Version 3.0 has level B1 for English and german articles

24.05.2016: Version 2.9 has a new training mode: auxiliary verbs

15.05.2016: Version 2.8 has translations for Kurmanji, Sorani and Urdu enabled

06.05.2016: Version 2.7 is ready to accept German-English B1 translations

28.04.2016: Version 2.6 spelling mode German-English and german articles now have A2 applied too

25.04.2016: Version 2.5 write mode German-English is the first table to have A1+A2 properly arranged

23.04.2016: Version 2.4 has started to support the more difficult A2 level

06.04.2016: Version 2.3 is now ready to collect tigrinian translations

23.03.2016: Version 2.2 is now ready to collect Arabic translations

10.03.2016: Version 2.1 has 500+ new german words and their english translations plus farsi translations enabled

01.03.2016: Version 2.0 has a 'translate' mode to collect translations via crowd sourcing !


Andreas Herzog aka "Duke" : general design and programming.

Bernhard Rieger from www.netzwerkasyl.eu helped me with several aspects of the GUI design and layout on smartphones.

Chris Thompson pointed out that Arial is not the best font for those who have just picked up latin writing.